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With Mailboxfiler, it's just as easy to toggle a button.

Choose the sender

You can restrict who can send or forward emails to a mailbox. This helps to safeguard your mailbox from an unknown sender

To avoid spam, you can set the email address that you would like to parse attachments. Mailboxfiler will only accept if the email is from the address you configured.

Restrict email addresses
Select file types to be stored

Pick the one you want

You don't have to store all the files from the email. Select the file types that you are interested in storing from the email

Emails have images, signatures, links and attachments in them. If you are up to one file format, choose the type of file format to be uploaded to your storage medium.

Download file from links

It's always easier to send file links by email. Mailboxfiler can help you download the file from the links in the email and upload that to a storage medium

Links in the email are validated and downloaded by Mailboxfiler. By selecting the required file format, a file from the link will be automatically uploaded to the storage medium.

Download from links in email

Never search for an email attachment. Keep it sorted.

Configure it once & let Mailboxfiler do the rest

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