Do you store logs or save email?

Email is saved temporarily for uploading contents. Once uploaded, the email will be deleted. Logs are stored in the database for 31 days for billing purposes and deleted. We don't track you like other services.

Do you retry the upload after failure?

No. We don't, and we cannot. As emails are deleted on a successful and a failure case, we cannot retry the upload. You have to send the email again to upload the file attachments.

Will you ever increase prices?

We don't have plans to increase prices in the near future. But, even if we do, it will not affect our existing customers.

Do you scan for spam?

No. We don't scan for spam emails. Please make sure you use your mailbox address securely.

Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept credit cards using Stripe for monthly subscriptions.

What information do you store?

We don't store the content of the email. Information like address in email, date and time are stored in the database, which can be viewed in the 'Activity' area. All these logs are deleted in 31 days after the billing period.

What are the supported storage mediums?

Email attachments can be uploaded to Dropbox, Google Drive, Nextcloud and Owncloud (WebDAV), FTP, FTPS. Object Storage medium like Amazon AWS, DigitalOcean Spaces, Linode Object storage, Backblaze B2

I want to add support to a different storage medium. Will you support that?

We are working hard to integrate as many storage mediums to upload files. There is no roadmap yet, but we are testing and adding storage medium one by one.

Will you save the content of the email?

Mailboxfiler is not designed to store the content of the email. You can still store the content in the database for viewing by enabling 'Store content' on the mailbox settings. If this is enabled, mail attachments will not be saved. Above all, these activity logs will not be stored for more than 31 days.

Why isn't Mailboxfiler free?

We believe in privacy and will not exploit your data at any cost. Servers, maintenance and hardware still cost a significant amount of money. And, we've tried to keep our plans affordable.

How is Mailboxfiler any different from others?

The idea behind Mailboxfiler is to organize email attachment uploads to any storage medium in a simple and user-friendly way. We don't use your data in any form, including improving our product or business.

How long will the email be stored on the servers?

When Mailboxfiler receives an email, the attachments are uploaded to the selected storage medium based on the mailbox preference. This time is dependent on the server background workers to process the email, which will never be more than 1-2 mins.

Downloadable Links

Why is my file not downloaded from the link?

Mailboxfiler tries to download the file from links in the email. There are scenarios where the link might not be a downloadable URL but pointing to a website with a button to download. These cases are ignored by default.

Only half of my links are downloaded. What about the rest?

Based on your plan, there are limits on the number of links downloaded from the email.

Will you scan for the virus in the link attachment?

No. We don't read anything from the file. The file is downloaded from the link and uploaded to the associated storage medium.

What's the size limit for the file from the link?

The number of links and the file size in the link is based on the plan subscription.