feather3 easy steps to file your attachmentsfeather

Step 1: Create a Mailbox

Mailbox is an email address provided by Mailboxfiler to help you save email attachments.

Step 2: Connect to a storage medium

Choose the option of your choice. In this step you will choose where to save your attachments from the email

You can select one storage medium for the created mailbox. It can be cloud storages like Dropbox, Google Drive. Object storages like Aws S3, Linode Object Storage, Digital Ocean Spaces, Backblaze B2.

Step 3: Send or Forward emails

Mailboxfiler is ready to save your attachments. Send or forward emails with attachments and links, Mailboxfiler will magically upload attachments to the connected storage medium.

Create rules/filters with Outlook, Thunderbird, Gmail or any email clients to automate the process.

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