Sort and Organize email attachments

Mailboxfiler is a simple tool for collating and filing email attachments.

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What is Mailboxfiler?

Mailboxfiler helps you collect and sort all your email attachments to a folder in cloud storages. You can easily automate it by configuring your mail client filters.


Mailboxfiler will generate a unique email address. You can use this address to connect to a storage medium (e.g. Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, FTP). Once connected, send or forward emails to the unique address.

Why use Mailboxfiler?

Mailboxfiler makes attachment filing easier. Uploading email attachment to any storage medium can be done in a maximum of 3-4 steps. Above all, We respect users' privacy.


  1. Incoming emails will be deleted once attachments are uploaded.
  2. Logs will be deleted in 31 days after the billing period.
  3. We don't sell your information. We don't track you.

Upload attachments to a storage medium

Credentials are encrypted

Mailbox credentials are encrypted by default on the server.

When you enter credentials for connecting Mailbox to FTP, Object Storage or any other input, the data is encrypted and stored in the database.

Mailboxfiler Secured & Encrypted

A few use cases

Never search for an email attachment. Keep it sorted.

Configure it once & let Mailboxfiler do the rest

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