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Credentials are

Mailbox credentials are encrypted by default on the server.

When you enter credentials for connecting Mailbox to FTP, Object Storage or any other input, the data is encrypted and stored in the database.

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and filed

All email attachments are saved on the cloud storages in a folder organized by yearly and monthly.

Attachments &

It's not just attachments, file hyperlinks in the emails are stored automagically to cloud storages. Toggle a button to save your files.

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Account receivable

Categorize and save all account receivables to a storage medium. Mailboxfiler can easily be used with your existing email clients to store files securely.

Organize Bills

Keep your bills organized. It is always hard to search for bills in your email. With mailboxfiler, all PDF files can be easily uploaded and filed to one single storage location.

Remittance Advice

Filter emails with remittance advice on your client and forward them to the created mailbox on Mailboxfiler. Tada!! All your PDFs' are uploaded to a location of your choice.


You always have someone who is comfortable sending pictures through email. Mailboxfiler will be your best friend for those scenarios.

Categorizing Invoices

What would it be like to automatically categorize your invoices to different folders in one single location? Yes, with a few configuration on your mail client and with multiple mailboxes, it is just like a cakewalk.

and more...

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