Account receivable made easy with Mailboxfiler

What is Account receivable?

When a company sells a product/service to its customer, the company sends out an invoice to its customer. There will a time period say some 10-30 days[variable time line] for a customer to pay the bill. The invoice is recorded as account receivable in the company's account. All account receivables are treated as company's asset.

When an invoice is sent to its customer, a sale is made by the company. But the amount will be paid later by the customer and is recorded as an account receivable at the company's account register. The same is recorded as (account payable) in the customer's log, as the customer owes that to the company from where they have received the product/service.

Why maintain account receivable?

It is very important for a company to maintain accounts so that it can be profitable as estimated. All records of accounts receivable should be maintained properly and clearly. Sometimes it happens that the company provides product/service to the customer and later misses out on billing[accounts receivable]. At that point, it will not be profitable as expected. The company's accounts receivable comes under its asset and can also be used as a collateral if needed. Invoices generated under accounts receivable must have a correct log so that tracking becomes simple and easy.

Upload invoice using Mailboxfiler

May it be a company or a client, logging important bills/ invoice is essential for future reference so that there is a record for everything that had been sold/bought. It will be accessible only when all records are at one place. Mailboxfiler works great for companies as well as customers/clients. With Mailboxfiler, a company/client can upload all the necessary documents such as invoices, other documents, payments received/paid etc to storage medium. It gets easier to file all the accounts receivable/payable details when it's done with Mailboxfiler. Check (Mail rules) to configure mail app with Mailboxfiler. Check (Gmail filters) to configure Gmail with Mailboxfiler.

For example, assume a company called Corp & Co wants to keep records of all the accounts receivable for the year. Though they keep all PDFs or printouts, it comes in handy when all those files are accessible from one place like Dropbox. Whenever there's an invoice/bill that needs to saved, set up a mailbox on Mailboxfiler and mail rules to automate uploading the attachments to a storage medium like Dropbox. This will help you access all your files in one single location and no missing of any accounts receivable.