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Mailboxfiler is a simple, reliable and affordable email attachments filer. Mailboxfiler provides a unique email address which is configured to connect to a storage medium. When an email with attachment is sent to the mail address, Mailboxfiler will parse and upload the attachment to the storage medium.

What are the use cases of Mailboxfiler?🔗

Mailboxfiler could help you in filing email attachments. It can be used in wide range of solutions.

  1. A basic usecase is organizing your monthly bills to a folder.
  2. Companies can sort account receivables to different folders based on clients
  3. And lot more...

What is a storage medium?🔗

A storage medium is a place where a file can be saved. In Mailboxfiler, a storage medium refers to a location on a cloud storage or a server. A few forms of storage medium supported by mailboxfiler are Dropbox, Google Drive, Box.

What are the different types of storage medium supported by Mailboxfiler?🔗

The inital release of Mailboxfiler comes with Dropbox, Google Drive, FTP, Amazon Simple Storage Service(S3), Linode Object storage, Digitalocean Spaces, Nextcloud and Owncloud using webdav.

What is a mailbox?🔗

Mailbox is a unique email address which ends with domain. A mailbox address will be like a normal email address. eg. This address can be configured to a storage medium. When you send an email with an attachment to the mailbox address, Mailboxfiler will automatically parse the email and uploads the attachment to the configured storage medium.

Eg: When creating a mailbox, a unique address is generated. Configure the mailbox by connecting it with Dropbox. Once connected with Dropbox, try sending an email to the provided email address. The attachment in the mail will be uploaded to the dropbox.

What are different types of email attachments handled by mailboxfiler?🔗

With a mailbox created, you could select either all the attachments to be saved or a specific types of file types. Eg: You could select only PDF documents for a billing invoice email uploaded to dropbox.